Application Monitoring

Monitoring of your key business systems.

It is very often businesses are heavily depending on their Information systems and applications, wheras availability, security and capacity to handle requests at loadare of very important. In order to do this properly following areas are important:

  • Ability to monitor not just general availability but also application specifics from user perspective (like response times and timeouts)
  • Response procedures in case of failuree
  • Business reporting on long term SLA execution (while individual failures are painful, the overall SLA can still be valid)

Our processes and platform for application monitoring allows us to:

  1. Generate instant alerts about potential performance issues or application failures
  2. Distribute the alerts over different channels: email, Telegram, Whatsapp and others for immediate responses and also to groups of users
  3. Monitor application SLA over long periods of time
  4. With advanced monitoring capabilities analyse the log data and pinpoint specific locations of issues within the application down to specific components or external systems