Security Operations Cernter

360-degree proactive security operations center 24x7

A shield that protects your information, data and IT systems from security threats, any time, all the time. Continuous security provision and improvement service.

You might be thinking you can do this yourself. Your company might have a team of people who are experts in security and firewalls, or monitoring systems and other magic stuff making your network secure and operations running smoothly. Maybe you haven’t had security incidents (or more likely you just are not aware of it). Anyhow, the way we see this your experienced team has way better things to do than spend their nights following what is happening in your network and infrastructure. We can do it faster, better and cheaper, and with specialization in providing security and availability. Our team will monitor, protect and react if necessary.


  1. Undisturbed and functioning IT systems are critically important for your organisation

  2. Your organisation performs a significant amount of data processing (incl. personal and sensitive data)

  3. IT security incidents would cause a significant harm to your business and organisation

  4. Security management processes in your organisation should be structured according to best practices and standards

  5. It is important that IT infrastructure in your organisation is monitored by certified and experienced IT security experts

  6. You would be interested in being able to predict and project an investment needed for IT security in a long tun


  • A reliable and proactive partner who delivers a 360 degree and 24x7 data and IT systems security solution

  • Well organized information security management process and automated threat detection followed by an immediate reaction by well-defined processes

  • A top-tier team of certified information security analysts and experts at your disposal armed with vast knowledge and up-to-date outlook gained by serving many clients

  • Clear perspective on the state of IT and information security

  • Predictable monthly expenses and highly effective level of security operations

  • Compliance with ISO 27035 standard for Security Incident Management


Security does not work like a patch. You can hire the smartest people or install the world’s best security tech and still be vulnerable to threats just because a truly safe security system should encompass all elements — people, processes, and technologies.


No wall can protect a city if inhabitants leave the gate open. We provide employee training, awareness building, and real-life testing. Our certified and experienced experts and security analysts will take good care of your information and IT system security.


We will pro-actively audit your processes to eliminate potential security leaks and provide well-defined procedures to follow if a security incident has occurred.


Different testing methods will be used to exam the resilience of your security systems. We provide world’s best technologies to provide defense, testing, network monitoring and technical presence in our infrastructure.


  • Security audit, regular vulnerability assessment and follow-up to eliminate deficiencies and strengthen defense capabilities

  • 24x7 monitoring and scanning for threat detection by providing network event analysis via AI tools and technical presence in your infrastructure

  • Information security incident response team to keep an eye on all security events and act immediately in case of escalation

  • World-class technologies for security incident identification, classification and handling

  • Unified security analytics database to collect, analyze and store all audit records and security incidents

  • Employee awareness training to educate and avoid employee made mistakes that could cause security incidents

  • Social engineering tests as a part of employee training program to provide learning by doing in controlled real life situations

  • Quarterly management reports providing transparency on the state of data and IT system security.